Top 10 Ways of Convincing a Hoarder to Clean Up

Convincing A HoarderAt times, some hoarding individuals can be difficult to work with. One of the main problems encountered within a hoarding situation is the hoarder’s inability to part with items in their property. When a family member or loved one is hoarding, it is important to understand how difficult it may be for them. This helpful list can assist you in convincing them that the cleanup is necessary for their health:

  1. Go through their belongings with them, but be sure they give you permission first. Inquire why they keep particular items over others. If there are duplicate possessions, you may want to continue to dig further to see what their compulsion is about collecting them.
  2. Discuss the potential dangers of the situation, such as biological issues. There may be rotting food in areas that needs to be cleaned up immediately. If the household contains animals, waste may build up over time due to animals defecating and not being cleaned up right away.
  3. Explain to the individual that he/she may be placing his/herself and others in physical danger. There is the potential risk that items can collapse and severely injure someone.
  4. Emphasize the fact that they may be hurting others rather than just themselves. What many hoarders do not realize is that they are damaging relationships with loved ones and possibly even harming the health of these friends/family if those people are directly involved.
  5. If a hoarder has children, you should implore them to clean up their clutter for the sake of their kids. They may not realize that child services may get involved and take their children away because of the unsafe living environment.
  6. On another side of the spectrum, adult protective services may become involved if the hoarding situation involves a senior citizen. Senior citizens may be declared mentally unfit and can potentially be left homeless.
  7. Explain to the hoarder that they risk losing their home to condemnation in many towns. There are laws that explain what is necessary to maintain a presentable appearance.
  8. Give them periodicals that mention the benefits of cleaning up a property. It can be beneficial to their mental conscience.
  9. When attempting to work with them, you should explain the necessity of the cleanup as well as why you want to help. Also, work with them to go over each item that they want to remove from their property.
  10. Let them know that you are trying to assist them with cleaning up their homes because you care.

Address Our Mess is here to assist individuals who are looking to help hoarders get their lives back in order. Our trained staff is professional and compassionate in nature and able to return the home to a safe and habitable environment. Call us for more information and pricing on our cleanup services.


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