Investing in Hoarder Real Estate

property investmentThe real estate market can be full of surprises, and not all of these surprises are the pleasant kind. Investing in real estate can be a challenging and rewarding process. Some properties may come with their own challenges, be it water damage, termites, noisy neighbors, popcorn ceilings, or whatever unwanted qualities may accompany the residence. A property may appear as a great deal, but some quirks may be found upon unlocking the front door. The condition of a home is a big selling point and some homes may be considered a lot of work, especially those residences that used to be owned by an individual with hoarding tendencies.

When coming across a hoarding household, do not run screaming. If the home has potential, the clutter and possible filth that may be encountered should not deter serious investors. Look at the property as a whole, and determine if it is worth the investment. These homes will honestly be a lot of work and money to restore, but try negotiating for a low buying price to cut the costs. The investment can turn out to be worthwhile in the end.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to burn or bulldoze the house down in order to save it. Even extremely cluttered and filthy properties can be cleaned up with some effort and elbow grease. Don’t want to get dirty? There’s no need. Professional cleaning companies can aid in the cleanup efforts. Note that the job is too big for ordinary maid services, who specialize in frequent, smaller cleaning jobs. There are companies, such as Address Our Mess, that specialize in hoarding and clutter clean up. Address Our Mess offers services for hoarding, animal hoarding, clutter, and filth clean up. Even if the home is overflowing with items and/or biohazards, the qualified, trained staff are able to handle the job and restore the home to livable conditions. Not only do the services include discarding garbage and donating items in good condition, but the services also include deep-cleaning to help remove any filth present in the property.

After the property is cleaned and restored to a habitable space, the home can be made over and staged to help with the sales. A little (or even a lot) cleaning, paint, décor, and care can turn a once unattractive home into a beautiful temptation. Many may be intimidated by the tasks that accompany investing in a hoarding home, but those that consider the investment may be rewarded. Help is available to restore the residence and reward the hard work and determination.