Pack Rat Cleanup in North Carolina

Pack Rat North CarolinaIn the state of North Carolina there is a growing pack-rat problem. What is pack-ratting?  Pack-ratting is the saving of items for use at a later date. Pack rat problems are affecting the entire state of North Carolina from the Appalachia areas to the larger cities such as Raleigh. However, what are causes of pack rat behavior?

Pack-ratting can be caused by a collection of items that is no longer a hobby but an obsession of the individual. If the pack-rat sees an item that they are “collecting” they have the compulsion to get the item, above all else. This item holds more significance to them than money, living conditions, or their primary livelihood. This not a natural compulsion that they need the item but want it. The pack-rat mentality is caused by a mental trigger that calls for them to gather a particular item.

Pack Rat Items From A Personal Connection

Remembrance pack-ratting is a common trait among individuals who have experienced trauma or loss. The gathering of items helps them cope with the loss or the mental effects of a life changing event.  Pack Rat’s try to hold onto the memories of their loved ones by collecting and packing these items into their home, hence the term “pack rat”. When it comes to remembrance packing, an individual must be careful about how they approach the pack rat because they are highly defensive about their items.

Pack Rat For Survival

The survival mechanism that is associated with pack ratting is caused by financial hardship. A person who may have been poor then rich then back to poor can have this symptom. The individual does not know when they might return to their past life of wealth. This results in the person packing as much of their former lives’ as they can in their home. This tends to affect who might have been affected during the height of the foreclosure crisis. What can be done to help people who collect items for survival?

Pack ratting is a situation that can be alleviated with the help of a professional clutter and hoarding cleanup company. Address Our Mess has experience in handling these cases and covers the entire state of North Carolina from the Atlantic to the Appalachian hinterland their expert and caring staff can help solve any severe pack rat situation.