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When a hoarder begins seeking help to solve their affliction, then they are ready for the road to recovery. It is important that these individuals seek professional help on the way to recovery in order stabilize their psychological disorder. Once the hoarder has sought to control their addiction of collecting and cluttering, a professional cleaning of the property can be done. Why is it advisable to seek professional psychological help first and foremost?

Seeking psychological help is important for the hoarder. Hoarders tend to have a higher tendency to hoard particular items. A way of stopping this is to find the cause behind hoarding. Often hoarders have a tendency to gather a particular type of item, which may hold personal significance to them. The hoarder will want to protect these meaningful objects. When trying to remove these trigger items from the home, it is important to note that the hoarder might lash out to protect those objects. What might cause the hoarder to act this way?

The items that the hoarder collects or gathers could have personal significance. A traumatic event in their life may have led to their hoarding behavior. An example of such trauma could be the unexpected death of a loved one or a severe injury that makes the hoarder feel helpless and cause them no longer do certain tasks. Another possible causation of hoarding is a financial collapse.

Hoarding behavior can occur in a person who had a significant financial catastrophe that affected their life. Survival instinct may have developed due to the hoarder’s concern that he/she might return to poverty or become bankrupt later on. The hoarder may try to hold onto everything in their property due to this fear. Once a hoarder has begun to seek professional help, the mess caused by their hoarding habits and life catastrophes can be cleaned up.

The hoarder will view the removal of the items in the same sense of a child’s favorite toy being taken away; therefore, it is important to approach the situation cautiously. Helping the hoarder remove the items from the home is an important part of the therapeutic process. Without the removal of the items there still might be a small chance the person may return to hoarding tendencies and make the home unlivable again.

A professional clutter cleanup company can come to help. With expert case managers and experienced crews, Address Our Mess can help with the hoarders’ healing process. Expert staff can help remove the clutter from the property and deep clean it in its entirety to give a fresh start to the former hoarder.



Helping Hoarders with OCD

Until recently experts believed that the hoarding condition was a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD is defined as a psychiatric anxiety disorder which is categorized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions. While OCD is an extremely debilitating disorder in and of itself, it is important to understand that OCD and hoarding are two completely different conditions that need to be treated separately in order for recovery to be possible.

Hoarding Help OCD

Hoarding Help OCD

According to, treatment for hoarders with OCD is more involved and may take longer than other methods of OCD treatment. This is due to the fact that hoarders have a distinct disadvantage with decision-making processes due to cognitive defects. Compounded with obsessive thoughts and practices, hoarders with OCD must be carefully guided through the recovery process.

Hoarding cleaning is one of the first steps to a successful recovery effort. Helping hoarders with OCD to start their healing process in a clean, organized, sanitary home is an efficient way to help them understand the value of changing their lifestyle. Severe hoarding OCD cases can result in the presence of dangerous biohazards and structural damages in the property due to neglect. Hoarding cleaning will solve one of the most pressing issues in a hoarder’s life, allowing sufficient time and mind power to be spent on the recovery process.

Hoarders with OCD suffer with chronic issues in locations throughout the United States. In fact, it is estimated that two to five percent of the US populations suffers with varying levels of the hoarding condition. Of those, it is not known how many also suffer with OCD.

One of the biggest developments in recent hoarding news is the introduction of the Levels of Hoarding Guide. Hoarders with OCD will be able to determine which level of hoarding their lifestyle has reached – mild, serious, extreme, or life-threatening. By doing so, hoarders with OCD will be able to develop a course of action uniquely designed for their hoarding habits.

Other methods of treatment include hoarding support groups and hoarding therapists. While each person’s state of mind can vary greatly, causing greater anxiety with the thought of therapy and support from public groups, these methods have proven to be very beneficial to the recovery process for some. Like hoarding and clutter cleaning professionals, these groups have dedicated their careers to helping those in need of a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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Help for a hoarder is Address Our Mess’s specialty.

Recommendations for hoarding help are numerous and extensive and I hope you find what your looking for on our hoarders help website. If you are in need of a therapist, we have a few recommended ones and you can always send us an email if you are a therapist or a previous client of a hoarding therapist who you thought helped you beyond a normal circumstance. We would be happy to list any recommended therapist or hoarding group.

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