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New York City Clutter CleanupIn the city of the New York there is a significant problem in regards to clutter. The five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx all having varying problems in the way that their residents deal with clutter and heavy duty cleaning. Because of the density of the population and the different demographics in the boroughs each situation is a little bit different from the last one. The first borough that needs to be reviewed is the borough of Manhattan.

Being the borough that is most identifiable with New York City it represents a significant amount of clutter and certain peculiarities. The typical Manhattan apartment is smaller than comparable apartments found in the rest of the country, however the average Manhattan apartment is significantly more expensive. As a result clutter can build up at a more rapid pace and with space being at a premium, the amount of items need to be removed more quickly. Also, with the limited amount of time that these denizens of this borough have they also, will need help in doing a heavy duty cleaning of their home. However, their fellow New Yorkers in nearby Brooklyn have a different take on clutter.

Brooklyn has recently undergone a resurgence in what can be seen as a renaissance for this formerly overlooked borough. However, with this influx of people and money there has come clutter. Many of the people in this area, are moving from large suburban homes to renovated brownstones, but yet they want to keep many of their wares from their larger properties. This lack of willingness to simplify their lives a more condensed urban lifestyle can result in the creation of clutter. With many of these people moving from the outer boroughs and Long Island’s larger homes this ties in with the southernmost borough of Staten Island.

Staten Island up until 50 years ago was a fairly pastoral area with farms and livestock. This all changed with the building of the Verrazano Bridge and the building of many suburban homes on this island. With many New Yorkers looking for the suburban dream they left to these new developments of single family homes. Now that many of these individuals are older and are passing away their homes are being passed onto their children. As a result the necessity of estate cleanouts are more apparent than ever in this area of the city. This service helps many families remove, organize, and de clutter the home in order to make it ready for re sale to a new family. Many of these new families are possibly coming from the cramped tenements of the Bronx.

The Bronx the northernmost borough of New York is covered by high rise tenements with many families living in them one floor above another. However, there are people in this buildings who have no families and who may have suffered a traumatic loss. This trauma may result in their clutter building up to a point of a near hoarder like situations. When an issue like this occurs Address Our Mess can have crews at the apartment building within 24-48 hours to help alleviate the clutter and conduct a heavy duty cleaning of the property. This is concurrent with similar problems in Queens.

Queens shares characteristics with the four prior boroughs in regards to its landscape. The part closest to Manhattan is full of high rises and to the farther east it resembles suburban Staten Island. Therefore this area has the most diversity when it comes to clutter cleanup from estate cleaning to hoarding situations this borough has it all. One of the other areas that need to be looked at is foreclosure cleanup in this borough. During the financial crisis this hit the outer areas of Queens particularly hard, but now with the economic resurgence, Address Our Mess can help return those homes to livable condition.

The five boroughs of New York City all offer a unique set of challenges for a company. Address Our Mess was founded on the basis of confronting many of these challenges. With our highly trained crews and case manager we can take on any type of severe clutter or heavy duty cleaning situation in the greater New York City area. We have the staff and crew that can service the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.

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