Packrat Problems in Chicago

Illinois Pack Rat Cleaning

packrat-problems-chicagoIn the windy city of Chicago Illinois there are individuals who tend to gather everything that they might consider valuable.  In many cases the items that they gather are packed in their homes, and can begin to resemble a rat’s nest. This is where the term pack rat comes from. How can you tell that people are pack rats? Here are key points that can be seen in a person who is a potential pack-rat.

Packrats can have a difficult time trying to make up their mind on what items they need to remove from their home. In many cases, the logic that the pack rat has is you’re never quite sure when you are going to use that item again. An example of this can include anything from bottle cap tops to broken washing machines. The argument to them is that they can always use these products for spare parts. In the densely populated areas of Chicago, this type of logic can result in a home to fill up quickly. This build up can result in the loss of living space, which would cause the person not to invite people to visit, thus would destroy their social life.

The accumulation of items can result in the pack rat no longer wanting to meet up with friends or have family come to their property. This isn’t caused by the pack rat not wanting to socialize, but there being no room to have company over or by the embarrassment of how the clutter has overwhelmed their home. In a close knit family city like Chicago, it is important to remember to watch for these signs in family members. The packrat logic is prevalent in older relatives and should be looked out for because, they may be trying to hold onto the memories of youth.

Strong attachment to items that the packrat may have an attachment to because of childhood memories are especially prevalent in elder packrat cases. These items vary from awards they received, to the toys they have had growing up. In the Chicago Illinois’s area it could be sports items such as Chicago Bears or Cubs or White Sox memorabilia. Sports teams, many older people hold a special fondness to the teams because they shared those memories with friends and family that are no longer with them. How do you handle a pack rat that realizes what they are?

Address Our Mess can help the citizens of Chicago with the pack rats who are residents of the great city. Our specialized technicians and professional case managers can help resolve the problems of a home that is inhabited by a person who is a pack rat. We will remove the items from the home and thoroughly clean the property including the walls, floors, and ceilings. Here at Address Our Mess we take pride in our work and treat our clients with courtesy and respect.