Senile Squalor Cleanup

Sadly, many senior citizens battle a silent threat in their twilight years right in their very own home. Senile Squalor Syndrome is a very real condition that causes living situations to deteriorate so badly in a senior’s home that extreme hoarding cleanup is needed in order to ensure the safety and health of the person living in the home. Those in need of Senile Squalor Cleanup often live alone with little to no intentions of going outside. This makes diagnosing Senile Squalor extremely difficult.

Address Our Mess urges those with the distinct responsibility of caring for our nation’s seniors to actively watch for symptoms of this debilitating disorder. Signs that a senior may be in need of senile squalor cleanup are:

  • Foul odor on clothing
  • Visible signs of soiled clothing due to human or animal waste
  • Weakened physical conditions
  • Injuries suffered while at home
  • Seniors who do not dispose of their garbage regularly

Identifying a Senile Squalor Cleanup situation from the outside is difficult to cope with. However, seeing just how deplorable living situations can become inside a squalor victim’s home can be truly upsetting. Address Our Mess case managers and technicians have found seniors living amongst mounds of human and animal feces and puddles of urine. Heaps of trash and garbage cover furniture, electronics, and precious keepsakes. And while technicians may have experience with extreme cleaning circumstances such as Animal Hoarding cleanup, nothing can prepare a person for finding deceased pets, rodents, and vermin strewn through the piles of trash and debris.

Help For Senile Squalor SyndromeThe amount of bacteria, viruses, and allergens present in a Senile Squalor Cleanup situation can cause severe illness and death to anyone who is exposed to it. Seniors with fragile immune systems or those who already suffer with age-appropriate sicknesses are even more susceptible to contracting deadly illnesses due to their squalor conditions. Extreme hoarding and clutter cleaning methods must be used to not only to salvage what is left of the home, but to safely extract the contaminated biohazard items.

Providing a safe, healthy, livable environment for everyone is the number one goal of Address Our Mess. As part of a larger network of professionals who are dedicated to providing senior citizens with a happy, peaceful life in their twilight years, Address Our Mess calls all senior caregivers to action. Lives can be saved by learning about the warning signs and hazards that require Senile Squalor Cleanup.

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