Sanitizing Hoarding Homes

Sanitizing Houses Of Hoarders

Sanitizing Hoarders HousesLooking to get your property back to a safe and sanitized condition after a hoarding clean out. This is important to you, both as a hoarder, clutterer, or property manager.  Returning a home to a sanitary condition is important to do in order to keep all individuals who enter or live in the property safe from any of the health problems that could possibly be precluded by the hoarding. Hoarding and clutter problems can result in a host of problems caused by different items that were gathered in the property.

Items that are often gathered by a hoarder can be a bio-hazard nightmare which can endanger a person’s health and well-being. In many cases the containers that they find the items have had a combination of different trash items that can range from paper to raw food items. The different components can add up into a biological nightmare to any individuals. This combination of biologically hazardous materials and hoarded items, results in a situation that needs to be quickly remediated with a full scale sanitation of the property.

The first way of sanitizing the home is to remove the items that could be potentially contaminated by  bacteria and other biological hazards. Smaller or porous items should be disposed  of. Examples would include clothing items and paper products.  Larger items should be thoroughly wiped down and sterilized. These generally tend to be larger items such as wooden tables, chairs, bookshelves, and more. After the individual items have been wiped down or removed the rest of the home would need be thoroughly deep cleaned.

The deep cleaning of the home requires the entirety of the home  to be wiped down from floor to ceiling. This is done with the help of our technicians who scrub every square foot of the home using  disinfectant and other cleaning products. A thorough wipe down of the home allows, for the removal of much of the grime and filth that has built up over time that can be brought in by gathering waste.

Address Our Mess has the ability to handle any large scale sanitation project that needs to be done after a hoarding situation has been resolved. This can help protect the former hoarder from any residual effects of their past hoarding tendencies.

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