Are Cleanouts Alone Effective? Utilizing Psychological Treatment for Hoarding

There may be clutter throughout the residence, blocking entrances and maybe even pathways, posing as threatening tripping hazards, and quite simply just causing chaos. The simple solution seems to be just get rid of everything, right? Unfortunately, it is not always that simple. Sometimes clutter situations may actually be much more involved. In the case of many hoarding situations, a clean out may not be as effective as perceived, so seeking psychological treatment can help provide a more effective clean out.

psychological helpA hoarding clean out will be able to restore property conditions. It will eliminate excess clutter and provide a safe, sanitary environment. The hoarding behavior, however, may not be directly addressed. Though the home may be clean, the question may become: how long will it last? Hoarding behavior involves not only struggling to identify valuable items from invaluable items, but it also leads to collecting behavior resulting in an over-accumulation of possessions.

The behavior can be triggered by a mental condition, such as depression, OCD, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, etc. Sometimes a traumatic experience such as a death in the family can trigger or intensify hoarding habits. In addition to addressing the physical clutter involved in hoarding, it is important to seek help for the psychological aspects as well. Mental health professionals can help.

Therapists who specialize in hoarding behavior can help make it easier to overcome hoarding. Psychotherapy is an effective form of treatment. Otherwise known as “talk therapy,” psychotherapy is a principal form of treatment, especially cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). The licensed therapist will be able to work with the hoarder to explore why they feel compelled to hoard and help the individual to improve decision-making and organizing skills.
Each therapist has their own method and approach to clients and hoarding behavior. Psychological treatment combined with clutter cleanup efforts can make it possible to overcome hoarding. A qualified therapist can not only help the hoarder but he/she can also help family and friends impacted by the hoarding situation. Find a local hoarding therapist to help overcome hoarding tendencies, and contact Address Our Mess to assist with the hoarding cleanup.


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