Professional Hoarding Company New York

New York Cleanup CompanyHoarding Cleanup is a specialty cleaning service and it is important to make sure a professional company takes care of the cleanup in the state of New York. From Buffalo to Albany to New York City “hoarding cleanup companies” are springing up like weeds in field. Many of these companies are unlicensed, uninsured, not bonded or trained in doing the work that is necessary in a hoarding situation.  There are significant differences between unprofessional firms and companies similar to Address Our Mess.

Unprofessional companies in many cases do not understand the mental health aspect of the hoarding situation and feel many of the items are simply junction. They take no consideration on how to handle the mental stimulus that causes the hoarding situation to develop. This is a concern, because it can actually make the hoarder react and may make the situation untenable for a cleanup at a later date. The other factor is that they might endanger themselves and cause the hoarder to be potentially held liable.

Throughout New York there are uninsured and unlicensed companies that are dealing with potentially hazardous situations. Hoarding situations can often be laced with troubling aspects such piles that can collapse and crush someone, or biologically hazardous materials that need to be disposed of properly. In the state of New York it is up to the individual who signs the contract to do their due diligence first in order to insure that they are allowed to do business in New York. Also, the individual may be found liable if the company they hire is not disposing of the material in a regulated manner.

A professional hoarding cleanup company in the state of New York is Address Our Mess. What sets themselves apart from all the other firms? Their crews are trained in dealing with the various mental facets of a hoarding situation, and there is a case manager on site to help determine the items that they are willing to remove. Also, they are discrete, they do not pry into the individuals live nor do they disclose the project they are working on to onlookers or nosey neighbors. Also, Address Our Mess offers a full service heavy duty cleaning of the home in order to make the home fully sanitized for the former hoarder to return.

Address Our Mess’s professional hoarding cleanup services is one of the preeminent offerings in the hoarding cleanup field. Their staff is second to none, in the service standards that they offer to clients who need them. Discrete, professional, and compassionate is their mantra on handling a hoarding situation and their past clients give them consistently good reviews. When looking at choosing a professional hoarding cleanup firm think of Address Our Mess.

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