Helpful Hints on Reducing Hoarding Stress

Helpful Hints on Reducing Hoarding Stress

Messes can create a lot of stress and it places people in many peculiar situations that need to be solved in a proper manner. However, individuals who are hoarders are unaware of the stress that is created by them holding onto items. In many cases they may have forgotten the original purpose of them holding onto particular pieces of paperwork. Also, these piles can create stress since they are not sure about what to do with them. Here are some helpful tips on how hoarders can reduce stress.

  • Having a friend or loved one help them go through the items in their home. I know this seems like a daunting task, but it can help you get on the path to removing the remainder of items from the home. You could possibly find the piece of information that you were originally searching for in the piles of items. This would inevitably lead to you coming to a conclusion that the items need to remove the mess from your home.
  • The overwhelming amount of items that can build up in the home can make the person feel that their hoarded items are almost insurmountable. In this scenario it would be advisable to seek outside help, so don’t feel as if you are doing this on your own. A support structure is necessary in order to help get over the hump and sort through the items.
  • Another way of helping you deal with the stress of your mess, is not too create a worse situation by purchasing items. Often people think that by purchasing more things it can help them cope with the stress of heading home. This is a principle of retail therapy, however, this retail therapy can backfire and result in the creation of clutter. Hence why you should keep a list of items you own in order not to buy too much.
  • A list could help you determine if you really need the entirety of the items you may have purchased. Also, if you do buy multiples, now you know what you can remove without disturbing the entirety of their life. Lists are critical, many people have created lists to end their hoarding. Collected items if they were similar to ones they already have, could be donated for a good cause or someone who is less fortunate to use.

All these tips can help reduce the amount of stress that an individual may have in regards to dealing with the mess that is in the home. Address Our Mess is a company that is here to help you with dealing with all these situations head on. Our trained crews and staff are more than capable of any number of severe clutter situations and hoarding situations.

Professional Abandoned Home Cleanup

Abandoned House Cleaning

Abandoned Home CleanupWhen working on doing the cleanup for an abandoned home, a person needs to know what a professional abandoned home agency can do to clean it up. Abandon homes are littered across the nation just waiting for the right person to use them for a new purpose, and Address Our Mess can help with the most extreme instances that many of these homes need in regards to cleaning. What can they do to help in regards to these extreme cases?

Address Our Mess’ expert crews can help clean up the biologically hazardous waste that could be possible in the home. Examples of this might be rotten food or old fecal matter, all of which needs to be disposed of in a proper manner in order to avoid the potential harm on yourself or other people who may be residing in the home. With the special products that our professional cleaning company has at its disposal they can handle most biological waste jobs that needs to be done. Another critical part of the abandoned home cleanup we can complete is the removing of the items in an abandoned house.

Many times abandoned homes contain items left over by the former residents or more recent squatters in the property itself. These items often are in such disarray that they are not even worth trying to rehabilitate or donate to charitable cause. We can help you dispose of them in a quick and efficient manner in order to quicken the pace of rehabbing your property to its fullest potential.  This is a specialty service that many firms cannot perform in an expedited manner. Also, we can help in the removal of other hazards from the property as well.

Another inherent problem with many properties is potential problems of severe clutter or hoarding occurring in the property. The prior owner may have had a resident which may have been a hoarder and therefore could have left large mounds of items in the home that may seem like an insurmountable task to handle. In these situations our crews are able to handle all the tasks from removal to disposal of the hoarded items. And, you do not have to worry about the heavy duty cleaning that needs to be done, our crew can handle that as well; from wiping down walls to scrubbing windows and floors we can handle any severe mess.

Address Our Mess’s case managers and staff are second to none in their ability to handle any issue large or small. With the relaxing of many banks and the increasing amount of abandoned property on the market, we see ourselves as a crucial service that needs to be done. We plan to help anyone address their mess with our specialty cleaning services, which will provide professional care in the returning of the abandoned home to a livable condition.

Different Types of Clutter

Types Of Clutter

Different Types ClutterWhen looking at clutter there are few key points that need to be made aware of in regards what type of type of clutter there are. Clutter can a take few different forms and with that the different types of clutter includes a whole host of considerations.

  • Clutter that is Actually Trash: Sometimes clutter is just trash that just needs to be thrown away. This can be anything such as broken cabinets, to old clothing that is town. People thing that these items that need to be fixed often should not even be approached to being fixed. These items are beyond the point of redemption in pretty much in all cases they need to be removed.
  • Bargain Hunting Clutter: You know how you sometimes see a great deal in a store that say “ it’s too affordable not too buy!” However, often times you realize that you have the exact same item or similar to that purpose. This can be the case and rather than returning the item multiple of these items often pile up overtime. Also, this can turn into an abundance of clutter due to the just in the case reasoning by continuing to have the items
  •  Aspirational clutter is another problem as well due to the fact that these are often projects that are not finished. Examples of this could be paintings that were never completed, models not put together. Mail that has piled up overtime to subscribe to different magazines that are wanting to be subscribed to all this amounts up to clutter.

All of these variety of clutter can lead to the necessity of a clutter cleanup scenario that needs to be taken care of by a trained clutter cleanup company. This will allow for the removal of all of these different types of clutter from the lives of the clutter effected individual.

Senior Cleaning Services

Senior Downsizing and Senior Cleanup Service

Senior Cleaning Service

Senior clutter cleanup services are absolutely critical for many senior living facilities that are across the nation. These facilities often play host to a wide variety of individuals who come from all walks of life and have numerous ailments or situations that resulted in relocating to said facilities. Often, this is where a cluttered situation comes into effect. Many of these people have ailments that may cause the inability to personally deal with the clutter.

One of the most common health related issues is mental health issues. Sometimes, the mental health of the senior citizen comes into play and they may not realize how much of a mess they are in. The issues of dementia and Alzheimer’s can make them completely unaware of how much clutter and grime has piled up in their property. A specially trained senior cleanup company would be helpful in assessing the situation and help de-clutter the residence. Another situation in which senior cleaning would be an issue is when a person has failing health.

If a person who has fallen ill, clutter can develop within the property. If the individual had a stroke, for example, or experienced another health concern, he/she may be unable to keep with the work that they were normally able to do in the past. Also, many of these individuals are too proud or unwilling to ask for help in cleaning up their messes. However, for the betterment of their health, it is important to have a senior cleaning service come and help remove unhealthy material or filth that may have built up over the time of illness. Another factor that comes in to affect is the aging aspect.

Aging does not come without a price and many of the elderly fight the loss of their independence tooth and nail. This can result in the loss of their ability to clean their residence. These people need the most help and should understand that they may not be able to take care of all the areas of their residence any longer, resulting in more incentive to hire a specialized senior clean up company.

Address Our Mess has compassionate staff that can help with the elderly who are being hindered by a number of issues accompanying aging. All of this factors in when dealing with senior cleaning, and our case managers are trained to deal with even the most severe situations.

Address Our Mess Senior Cleaning Services can help you alleviate your headache and clutter from the home. Call us today for a free estimate for a clean out with no obligation. Our senior specialists are here to help you downsize or just clean out your living space.

Hoarding and the Law

Hoarding Law And Help With Hoarding Evictions

Hoarding-Law_edited-1Many people are curious on why do these situations occur with hoarding. Are there not laws to stop these situations and protect the welfare of the individual and the property? When you think about the situation that the United States is in unique in that individual property rights are highly valued and protected. That is why often time’s places such as single family homes are the primary areas of hoarding incidents.

In the United States property rights are enshrined in the constitution and in many of the states these are so protected that not even civil services can enter ones property without permission. This is problematic when dealing in a hoarding situation, because of the danger this situation might pose if emergency personnel need to get in case there is a fire or medical personnel need to get to a victim in a hoarding house.

There are states though that allow the physical condemnation of the property if it is becoming a hazard to their neighbors, or the possible endangerment of other living creatures. Another example of this could be a hoarding paper row home in Philadelphia, whereby faulty electrics in that house could result in hundreds of people possibly becoming homeless. Or in the case of animal hoarding whereby there are other living creatures that are being endangered by the hoarder’s actions. In these types of situation endangerment can cause the rights of the individual.

Hoarding and the law is a very difficult situation to broach in regards to what people or governments can do about a hoarding situation. However, if there is a call to action that needs to be taken care of Address Our Mess is here to help. Our specialized and trained crews can help remediate and solve most any hoarding situation. Also, we are compassionate towards the individual whom is suffering the hoarding trauma. All of this adds into making Address Our Mess a compassionate company to help those who might need help.

Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Commercial Heavy Duty Cleanup

Heavy Duty Warehouse CleaningWhen it comes to the grunge of heavy cleaning in an industrial landscape there are precautions that must be taken in order to help in the removal of substances in a former warehouse or manufacturing area. In the Midwest and the Northeast many former industrial sites are becoming promising areas for redevelopment. Many of these former industrial areas are heavily cluttered with old machinery, dirty, grime, and all other manner of filth hence why it is necessary for a specially trained company to clean up a whole variety of different messes. The first part of the process is to deal with the old equipment and furniture.

In many of these large buildings when the companies folded or moved shop, they left everything behind from large mechanical equipment, to hundreds of pieces of office furniture. Over time many of these items have become obsolete, looted for parts, or affected by the elements. Due to all of these factors these items need to be disposed of in a proper manner, because of the fact that some of the items might have contaminants or other hazardous items in them. Another critical factor is the removal of the grunge and filth.

Office CleaningMany of these large structures have been left unkempt for years. With many of the elements taking their toll on the items inside, the building might have holes where other elements might have gotten in. Holes in the ceiling might have allowed for rain and sun to get in which could cause the growth of mold, or other biological hazards. Also, if there are holes in the walls or broken windows animals could have come into the building and spread their waste throughout the property at will. All of these issues can cause a host of problems that are out of normal cleaning and need to be provided by a heavy duty cleanup company.

A company that specializes in heavy duty cleanup has the proper tools to handle a large scale clean out. They have specially trained personnel that can handle a multitude of situations such as one that is described in the prior paragraphs. Address Our Mess can handle any type of heavy duty cleanup with dumpsters, tools, and cleaning products, Address Our Mess can handle any type of major cleanup that needs to be done. In over 25 states our crews can service in the removal of junk, waste, and other obsolete items that are impediments for the creation of a better tomorrow but most importantly the start of a new business venture or expansion into a larger commercial or industrial space.

Address Our Mess is here to help with your heavy duty industrial cleaning project, call our staff today for more information how we can help with your cleanup needs.

Virginia Clutter Cleaning

Clutter Cleanup In Virginia

Virginia Clutter CleaningWhen looking to help individuals who are suffering from clutter. We have the personnel to help here at Address Our Mess. Clutter is consistent in our ever busy lives between school, work, and family life there is often little time to handle all of the different varieties of clutter. This happens to a wide variety of people especially with all the different activities and jobs that the people in the great state of Virginia obtain.

Being one of the oldest states in the United States, people often have clutter stretching back hundreds of years. Examples are often cited by families that have old barns on their property such as in western Virginia, or had purchased a foreclosure in Richmond finding a house full of items. All of these factors play into clutter cleaning. Often some items people may want to keep and other items they may want to donate. However, some items are obsolete and are just junk or obsolete so it is often advisable to throw them away.   One of the responsibilities of a professional clutter cleanup company is to help you sort through those items to differentiate them. Which goes on to the next item that a clutter cleanup company does which is deep cleaning.

If items have not been cleaned or touched for long periods of time they often develop a layer of dust that is often difficult to remove. Also, if items were placed on the floor for long periods of time they could possibly stain the carpet area. This problem could be resolved with a thorough deep cleaning of the property with the proper crew and cleaning supplies a clutter cleanup company can help make an old home shine like new.

A professional clutter cleanup company can certainly help in resolving a number of cleanliness issues in the state of Virginia. Address Our Mess can handle most any type of clutter situation. Our professional estimators and technicians can help you remove your clutter and work around a few different scenarios on how to approach the situation. With our years of experience our professional staff can handle the problem at hand.

Trust in Address Our Mess for clutter cleaning or hoarders help anywhere in Virginia including Richmond, Alexandria, or any city or area of Virginia VA as we cover the entire state with cleanup services.

Caring for Severe Hoarding

Hoarding – Severe Hoarders and Caring About The Hoarder

Caring for Severe HoardingWhen handling severe cases of hoarding it is important to remember that this was brought on through no fault of their own, but by a mental condition. You as their loved one, friend, or family member need to understand that there is a cause for concern. And this is of greater concern when there is severe or a life threatening situation that involves that loved one. How can you tell that this situation has become severe or life threatening here are a few characteristics you should note.

When there is structural damage to the property that needs to be addressed and it has not been the possibility of collapse of the building can be greatly exaggerated due to the decomposition of the building itself due to the hoarders neglect. Also, the case of severe hoarding needs to be addressed when there is the possibility of biologically hazardous waste becoming a problem which can greatly affect the individual hoarder’s health. That is when a specialist needs to come in and discuss with the hoarder there problems.

A therapist or a psychiatrist is advisable to be brought in when dealing with a severe hoarding problem, since they can often discover the root cause of why this individual hoards. Often hoarding can be triggered by a traumatic event in someone’s life an example of this could be a fire where it consumed all that individual’s worldly possessions. Also, the other factor is the death of a significant individual in this person’s life could have a traumatic affect and thereby cause them to a wide variety of items that deteriorate over time such as medicine or food. All this plays into consideration when helping the hoarder.

Your responsibility is to make them feel comfortable by talking to them about the events that preceded their hoarding. All the while you need to discuss the possible paths of remediating this problem before it is too late. When remediating this problem you need to look into hiring a cleanup company, because some of the items can be saved. Address Our Mess is a company that can help you in sorting, cleaning, and donating items that are still useful.

Always think about the hoarder and their feelings because the possessions that can be considered useless are considered useful in certain instances by hoarders. Address Our Mess has staff that can help the hoarder with the decision making process with helping to determine the value of the items. Call us today for more information on how we can help.

Hoarding Intervention for Hoarders

Intervention To Help Hoarders

Hoarding InterventionHoarding can take over a person’s life even when family and friends least expect it. While the hoarding condition is a compulsive mental disorder that gets worse over time, it is often later on in the process when friends and relatives become familiar with debilitating situation of their loved one. Interventions for hoarding are often needed in order to address and rectify the potentially dangerous environment that the hoarder has subjected himself or herself to. Hoarding cleaning, as well as other proven hoarding treatments, are readily available to loved ones looking to set up interventions for hoarding.

Hoarding interventions must be handled delicately in order to prove to the hoarder that you are worthy of their trust. Building a bond of absolute trust during the hoarding intervention process is the key to a successful recovery effort. Whether the hoarder is dealing with minor hoarding situations, or more dangerous conditions like the ones displayed in animal hoarding situations, interventions must be extremely subtle, private, and respectful.

Unlike popular reality television shows that display interventions as awkward, confrontational, and demeaning acts of “tough love,” interventions of hoarding must be carried out much differently. Hoarders are typically embarrassed by their living conditions, often going out of their way to hide their lifestyle from their closest of friends and family. To avoid lectures about deep clutter cleaning and life-altering treatment plans, hoarders will often distance themselves from siblings, parents, children, friends, and co-workers. Should a loved one find that someone important in their life is suffering from hoarding, interventions must be conducted in an extremely private and respectful manner.

Privacy is key to developing successful hoarding treatment options. Hoarding specialists and case managers from Address Our Mess understand the discrete element of hoarding cleaning. By allowing hoarders to trust in their friends and family again, while opening up about the traumatic event that probably caused their condition, those conducting interventions for hoarding will have a better chance of helping their loved one recover.

It is also important to never pass judgment or lose one’s temper with a hoarder. Remember, the hoarder has chosen to risk embarrassment and humility by sharing his or her condition with someone. Keeping the bond of trust in tact is crucial to changing the hoarder’s life for the better. Patience and fortitude are necessary to keep the hoarder on track and focused. While those conducting the intervention may have just uncovered this horrible way of life, the hoarder has lived it for many years. Changing bad habits and living conditions over night is not going to happen.

In time, hoarding therapists can be called upon to further address the root of the hoarding condition in a friend or relative. However, allowing the person to start anew in a clean and sanitary home is the key to affording them the fresh start he or she so desperately needs.

For more information on hoarding cleaning services, please call us at the telephone number listed above or contact us online. Hoarding intervention should be taken seriously and all requests by the hoarder should be handled with care and compassion. When needing hoarders cleaning services, please remember Address Our Mess.

Family Sensitivity Towards a Hoarder

Hoarding is a sensitive topic for many individuals and is not often brought up in many situations. Hoarding situations may be pressing problems that need to be addressed by family members, who often have difficulty comprehending the matter. When addressing a hoarding situation, it is often advisable for families to seek professional help to assist with the circumstances, and there are therapists out there that want to specifically help individuals who are hoarding. When researching licensed therapists, it is important to check if they can help the family member with his/her hoarding behavior.

Many times individuals who are hoarding may be self-conscious of the situation and do not want their family to interfere with their lives. This sense of isolation can create more problems, even if the family is trying to be helpful. Sensitivity and careful consideration are necessary factors in order to efficiently address a hoarding situation. Exercise patience and avoid negatively commenting on the various items. If you mention the conditions of the hoarding home, you need to be sensitive about how you word or phrase the situation. When looking at the nature of the situation one has to be delicate and conscious about phrasing the conversation in a proper, inoffensive manner.

When addressing a hoarding family member, remember the following:

  • Always be sensitive to their feelings and emotional well being.
  • Offer to help, rather than force your help upon them. Imposing your involvement will scare or anger them and can actually cause the person to close up even further.
  • Work with the individual. Do not attempt to clean up the situation without the involvement of the individual who is hoarding.
  • Offer sources of additional help to efficiently aid in improving the hoarding situation.

Helping a hoarder is a sensitive topic and should be taken seriously. Be aware that the items involved have value to the hoarder; they are not considered junk. If the situation requires the assistance of a cleaning company to effectively help with the cleanup situation please consider Address Our Mess Cleaning.