Hoarded Retail Space

retail hoardingRetail space is generally not a type of property that a person would find a hoarding situation. Most hoarding cases occur at the home of an individual who has been dealing with the problem in private. In more extreme cases, hoarding can start to affect the person’s workplace, which can include retail space. One of the greatest potential problems of hoarding is that it can start to affect their work environment. Therefore a hoarding situation needs to be under control as quickly as possible. How can an individual foretell a retail hoarding situation is going to develop?

The hoarding situation can be determined based on what type of store it is supposed to be and what items are actually in the shop itself. For example, a drugstore that has more sundries than medical supplies in it, which may include random junk, piles of old magazines, and old newspapers in the aisles that can pile up quickly. This can be precipitated by the person being too busy with other aspects of the business. However, the pricing of goods can sometimes contribute in the creation of a hoarding problems in a retail space.

The unreasonable pricing of products can show in some cases that the store owner or proprietor is not willing to sell the items. The owner might have a fixation on a particular item that they see as more valuable than all of the rest. The hoarder may then unreasonably price these “valuable” items such as soap, toys, or any number of different items. These items can sit on the shelf for years, and this can build up grime and dust over time.

Dust and dirt are other detriments of a hoarding problem which can develop in a store. Grime can turn away customers and potentially result in the destruction of the shop’s customer base. This and other problems can produce an unhealthy working environment for the employees, which can lead to the potential closure of the business. Grime and dust are something that people obsess over when it comes to their shopping experience, which is why this can be a potential problem. What can a person who has a retailing hoarding situation do?

An individual in a retail hoarding situation can call Address Our Mess to help resolve the clutter, junk, and grime issues that plague their store. With specialized technicians and case managers, they can assist in resolving the hoarding problems. It can be a relief to the families of hoarders that there is a company out there that is willing to help their loved one recover.


Investing in Hoarder Real Estate

property investmentThe real estate market can be full of surprises, and not all of these surprises are the pleasant kind. Investing in real estate can be a challenging and rewarding process. Some properties may come with their own challenges, be it water damage, termites, noisy neighbors, popcorn ceilings, or whatever unwanted qualities may accompany the residence. A property may appear as a great deal, but some quirks may be found upon unlocking the front door. The condition of a home is a big selling point and some homes may be considered a lot of work, especially those residences that used to be owned by an individual with hoarding tendencies.

When coming across a hoarding household, do not run screaming. If the home has potential, the clutter and possible filth that may be encountered should not deter serious investors. Look at the property as a whole, and determine if it is worth the investment. These homes will honestly be a lot of work and money to restore, but try negotiating for a low buying price to cut the costs. The investment can turn out to be worthwhile in the end.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to burn or bulldoze the house down in order to save it. Even extremely cluttered and filthy properties can be cleaned up with some effort and elbow grease. Don’t want to get dirty? There’s no need. Professional cleaning companies can aid in the cleanup efforts. Note that the job is too big for ordinary maid services, who specialize in frequent, smaller cleaning jobs. There are companies, such as Address Our Mess, that specialize in hoarding and clutter clean up. Address Our Mess offers services for hoarding, animal hoarding, clutter, and filth clean up. Even if the home is overflowing with items and/or biohazards, the qualified, trained staff are able to handle the job and restore the home to livable conditions. Not only do the services include discarding garbage and donating items in good condition, but the services also include deep-cleaning to help remove any filth present in the property.

After the property is cleaned and restored to a habitable space, the home can be made over and staged to help with the sales. A little (or even a lot) cleaning, paint, décor, and care can turn a once unattractive home into a beautiful temptation. Many may be intimidated by the tasks that accompany investing in a hoarding home, but those that consider the investment may be rewarded. Help is available to restore the residence and reward the hard work and determination.



Estate Home Cleanout Versus Estate Preparation Management

estate home clean upThese are two very distinct services and it is critical for you to understand the key differences. Estate cleanout services and estate preparation management are often viewed as the same service; however, there are noticeable differences that will be explained further.

The general term of Estate Cleanout Services requires an attorney or the executor of the estate to individually contact a number of different services in order to liquidate the estate.  These can range from the following service providers:

  • A general contractor to manage any potential repairs that would need to be done to the home in order to make it livable and safe for new tenants or owners.
  • A professional personal property appraiser to assess the contents’ value within the home.
  • A junk removal company to remove any unwanted items or personal effects that are obsolete or broken.
  • Locating a home cleaning company that can do a thorough job of cleaning the property and removing any grime or dust.
  • After this is completed a local real estate agent is needed to handle the sale of the home to the next potential resident.

These aforementioned steps are all a part of the estate cleanout service process, and this takes time which many people do not have enough. An Estate Preparation Management Services can come in to assist you by handling all of these aspects. Address Our Mess is a prime example of what a company like this can do because it handles the entire process.

  • Address Our Mess has its home improvement contracting license, which allow this company to handle the repairs in house, so there is no need to hire a general contractor.
  • They will get in contact with an accredited personal property appraiser to assess the value of the items in your home.
  • Any items the appraiser does not value, we can help you sort, keep, donate or dispose of for you.
  • Address Our Mess can do a thorough deep cleaning of the home after all the work is completed and remove any of the grime or dust that built up over the years.
  •  Address Our Mess can also help you find a local realtor in the area to list and market the property for sale.

Address Our Mess is a part of a new service that has been created in order to better serve those individuals who are involved in the estate planning industry and their clients. Address Our Mess aims to operate with professionalism and courtesy to all those involved. The goal of Address Our Mess is to offer specialty cleaning services to those involved in the estate industry and meet the full satisfaction necessary for all parties involved.

Estate Cleanouts in Maryland

Maryland Clean Out Services

When families, or assigned parties, are dealing with an estate, it is important to understand the various aspects that go into the divestment of the assets.  Depending upon the legally filled will, or the verbal wishes of the deceased, the divestment of property between heirs or persons outside of the family can be complicated. There are critical pieces of information that must be reviewed before any elements of the deceased property are to be moved outside of the State of Maryland. What does an individual need to be aware of before the estate is liquidated among the recipients?

Estate Cleanouts MarylandOne of the main priorities is that the executor must ensure that all of the legal affairs are in order. These affairs may include the legal title to various assets, and have the authority to sell said assets in accordance with the law. In the State of Maryland, finding the deceased’s will is a relatively simple procedure. Legal will are required to be filed in the local office of Register of Wills. This registry is generally located at the county court house. For example, the Anne Arundel County Office is located in Annapolis.

Once it has been determined that all legal documents are in order, and the process of having the Will Agreement filed, the process of removing items from the property can begin. In certain cases, it may not take long to remove the items from the residence.  However, this rests on the size and value of the property. A small structure, such as an apartment,  can be cleaned out quite quickly. However, in properties that are larger, and more valuable, it may take a longer time to have the items removed from the property. Larger properties of an estate tend to be found in certain areas where the individuals have higher incomes, and often there are more legal details involved in disbursement of the estates assets.

Areas where these larger homes are located, such as Owings Mills and Bethesda, are considered to be the commuter suburbs of Washington, DC and Baltimore. These larger homes contain significantly more items, and as a result, the estate cleanout process takes a greater period of time to accomplish.

Wills of the deceased specifically outline how their assets are to be dispersed among the benefactor’s of the estate. The major asset in most cases are the homes of the deceased. In many instances, the homes have been neglected for an extended period of time. This can be a major cause of concern affecting the value of a residence. This why it is critical to seek the counsel of an estate cleanout management service.  Homes in areas such as Elliot City can be restored to a safe, livable condition, which benefits the estate and the neighborhood at large. To assist people in Maryland facing these issues is a specialty company that can offer their professional services.

Address Our Mess offers a full service estate management cleaning and repair service to resolve the problems of the property. Their trained staff can remove the clutter and other items from the property to prepare it for a thorough deep cleaning. Also, the technicians can do minor home repairs on the property, for example, fixing holes in the dry wall. All these extra services are offered by Address Our Mess’s estate cleanout service in Maryland.  One of their trained associates can assist an Executor, family member or individual requiring an estate cleanout.

Heavy Duty Cleaning New York

New York Cleanup Company

In the state of New York, many people need the services of a heavy duty cleaning company. A person may be asking themselves “why do I need a heavy duty cleaning service for my home? I do light cleaning every week to ensure that there is no dust build up on my property and make sure that my floors are clean.” However, an individual may be missing critical areas of the home that are not in your regular cleaning routine. What areas of the home could this include?

Ceiling Dirt and Dust Cleanup

Heavy Duty Cleanup New YorkOne of the areas of the home that a person usually misses is the ceiling of the home. The ceiling over the course of time has dirt particles that can get attached to the ceilings porous surfaces.  The average person cleans their ceiling once a year, which is less than the recommendation of cleaning professionals. Another part of heavy duty cleaning in New York is the washing of the walls of the home.

Washing the walls is not part of many individuals weekly cleaning routine. Over the course of the year, a person’s walls can become caked with different filth or grime. It is natural that a home to have this filth build up over the course of months. In many cases, this occurs during the winter when the windows are not open. Washing the walls will eliminate this grime.  The next most important part of the process of heavy cleaning is the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Bathroom and Kitchen Heavy Duty Cleaning

In New York, especially New York City, the bathroom and the kitchen areas of the home need to be the most sanitary. In many cases, the raw food still leaves bacteria behind on the counter tops, long after a person has cleaned. Also, the floors and baseboards of the bathroom need to be scrubbed,  to prevent a biohazard situation from developing. It is important that these areas be well cleaned to maintain satisfactory hygienic levels.

Address Our Mess is an expert in working on unsanitary home cleaning projects. This company is trained to handle projects ranging from a hoard of clutter to large scale commercial cleaning projects. Address Our Mess’s crews understand the importance of maintaining a hygienic environment for a person to live.  Our staff in New York specializes in handling all types of situations from apartments to a farmhouse cleanup. Trust Address Our Mess to handle any type of heavy duty cleaning project in New York.