Trash or Treasure?

trash treasure clean upThey say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” but how can you tell the difference between this “trash” and “treasure?” Each item is not going to have a label on it, identifying it as junk or something of value, so for some items it can be a little more difficult to distinguish whether it should stay or go.

When going through belongings in an attempt to purge yourself of junk, make the process more effective by asking these questions:

  • When was the last time I used this item? Is this an item I use regularly?
    Has it been a week, a month, or a few years? Is it a seasonal item or one for regular use? If the item has been sitting collecting dust for a period of time, you most likely will not need it. If you have forgotten about the item for a while until you miraculously stumbled across it again, it may be time to part with it. Generally, it is a good time to part with belongings if it has been over a year since you’ve last used them (or even remembered their existence).
  • Do I have this item due to obligation or expectation?
    Was the belonging a gift from someone or a trend you felt obligated to follow? If you do not truly enjoy the item or have use for it, it is okay to trash or donate it (depending on its condition). Do not try to hold onto something you do not want just because it was a gift. It is your home and space, so keep what you want and need, not what others expect for you.
  • Am I saving this item “just in case?”
    Holding onto a metal detector in case you ever feel the desire to start treasure hunting? Have a zombie fighting kit in case the zombie apocalypse is unleashed? Sit down and think for a minute: Is this really necessary? Living life constantly thinking “if” and “just in case” will only limit you, and in the case of physical belongings, limit household space.
  • Are there duplicates?
    There is no need to keep multiples of the same items. If you have one blender do not keep the second because the chances of making two smoothies at the same time is pretty slim. Re-gift, donate, trash – it’s time to part with that duplicate item.
  • Is there another item with a similar function?
    Though not a duplicate of the same item, having an item with the same function is also unnecessary.
  • Am I keeping a broken item with the intention of someday fixing it?
    “Eventually,” “someday,” and “one of these days” sound very familiar? If the excuses keep piling up and that broken item still remains broken, it may be time to part with the item. Consider if it is worth fixing, if someone else can easily fix it, or if it is cheaper and easier to just buy a replacement.
  • Is this item worth the storage space?
    Each item takes up space within a property. No matter how small, materials will add up, decreasing available storage space. Consider if the item is worth taking up space within the home, and if the space could be used for something better.

Going through items can be a long, tedious process, especially if the residence contains a large collection of belongings. If time is not available or the project is too overwhelming to work on alone, professional help is available to make the process easier. Junk haulers will merely take the trash out instead of sorting and separating belongings. Address Our Mess is a specialty cleaning company that is able to help sort and organize the items with you, separating the trash from the treasure.


Maintaining an Organized Home

Have An Organized Home?

Organized HomeYou try to maintain an organized home; you really do. After buying an abundance of storage solutions and labels, constantly watching home improvement shows for the best tips, and even trying color coding or alphabetizing to create order, but even with these attempts, your home never seems to stay organized for very long. If children are involved, there is also the additional obstacle of toys and mini humans running around adding to the chaos. Sound familiar? Staying organized is possible and doesn’t have to be overwhelming or laborious. Here are some helpful tips to help you maintain an organized residence:

  • Take it little by little. Organizing a home does not have to be a big, one-time project. Make it a little easier on yourself and begin organizing little by little, working on one area at a time.
  • Find a focal point. You know you want to work section by section now, but you’re overwhelmed trying to decide where to start. Try to focus on one problem at a time. Start with something that seems to be the most urgent, such as unsorted mail which could contain time-dependent documents. Focus on the task at hand until it is completed, and then you can move on to the next task after so as not to be overwhelmed.
  • De-clutter your home. An assortment of unnecessary items will add to clutter and mess consuming your home. Part with items which you no longer have a purpose for or of which you may have duplicates. If there is too much clutter to clear alone, professional cleaning services can help you sort and remove the excess items. Try donating items that are in good condition so someone in need can utilize items you no longer want/need.
  • Recruit some help. No one said you need to do this cleanup project solo. Recruit the help of friends and/or family. You can even make a game out of it or bribe your helpers with pizza or unwanted belongings they find.
  • Use those storage solutions and labels. Sort and organize belongings with the help of storage and labels by categorizing similar items. This will allow for easier accessibility and help you to avoid losing items in the midst of a mess.
  • Make it fun! Cleaning and organizing don’t have to be dreary tasks. Play some music, play a game with your helpers, or make a scavenger hunt out of it.
  • Now that you’ve cleaned and organized your home, here’s a helpful tip to maintain this newfound organization. Avoid procrastination. We all do it, but when it comes to clutter, the mess and disorganization will continue to grow when left unaddressed. Put clothes away right away, do not leave dishes in the sink unwashed, and put paperwork away. Make sure you keep placing these items in their appropriate locations, rather than throwing them anywhere that’s out of sight and out of mind.

Organizing your home does not need to be an impossible, arduous job. Follow these helpful tips to help organize your home and maintain that clean, orderly atmosphere.


Finding Items by Removing Clutter

Lost Or Misplaced Items In Clutter

Finding-Items-Remove-ClutterAll over the nation people forget where they put their items. Often these lost items are important documents. Examples of these documents include birth certificates, wills, social security cards, or even the deed to a property. This leaves people concerned about the possibility of  having thrown the paperwork away, fearful the documents will be forever lost. Accumulating and  misplacing paperwork can contribute to paper clutter quickly developing within a property.

Paper is one of the most pervasive forms of clutter that can invade the home. Paper clutter can consist of mounds of newspapers mixed with important documents that may have been accidentally placed inside. This is common among individuals who suffer from diseases that come with age, such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Family members are hesitant to remove the items from the property because the paperwork for their elderly relative’s estate might have been thrown away or mixed in with the clutter. Another factor that causes item misplacement is item duplication.

Item duplication can cause items to become lost. If there are multiples of different items, the duplicate may become lost in the clutter. Necessary items may quickly become lost without the removal of the duplicate clutter. All of this clutter can amount to a daunting problem for an individual. What can be done to assist them?

The overwhelming clutter in a property can prove to be intimidating to many individuals. Without proper cleanup or help from others, clutter piles can quickly form. The clutter causes people to resign themselves to a fate surrounded by clutter. As time goes on different types of clutter, from food to animals, can encroach upon the space and can even cause depression. There are ways to mitigate the clutter.

One form of help is to have a designated storage area for all important information and items. This should be the only place where these things should be stored, and any items that are not categorized as such should not be placed within that area. Remove any duplicate items; if a new one is purchased, toss out the older item or donate it. Important information can also, be stored digitally in the Cloud, where it is available to a person whenever they need to reproduce it. If the clutter is too overwhelming, call a clutter cleaning company to help.

Address Our Mess can help solve any of these problems through professional cleanup services, from organizing and sorting to the final removal of the clutter from a home. Trained crews and case managers can help a person overcome the overwhelming amount of clutter in his/her property once and for all. Address Our Mess treats clients respectfully and are qualified professionals within the cleaning industry that go above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Pack Rat Cleanup in North Carolina

Pack Rat North CarolinaIn the state of North Carolina there is a growing pack-rat problem. What is pack-ratting?  Pack-ratting is the saving of items for use at a later date. Pack rat problems are affecting the entire state of North Carolina from the Appalachia areas to the larger cities such as Raleigh. However, what are causes of pack rat behavior?

Pack-ratting can be caused by a collection of items that is no longer a hobby but an obsession of the individual. If the pack-rat sees an item that they are “collecting” they have the compulsion to get the item, above all else. This item holds more significance to them than money, living conditions, or their primary livelihood. This not a natural compulsion that they need the item but want it. The pack-rat mentality is caused by a mental trigger that calls for them to gather a particular item.

Pack Rat Items From A Personal Connection

Remembrance pack-ratting is a common trait among individuals who have experienced trauma or loss. The gathering of items helps them cope with the loss or the mental effects of a life changing event.  Pack Rat’s try to hold onto the memories of their loved ones by collecting and packing these items into their home, hence the term “pack rat”. When it comes to remembrance packing, an individual must be careful about how they approach the pack rat because they are highly defensive about their items.

Pack Rat For Survival

The survival mechanism that is associated with pack ratting is caused by financial hardship. A person who may have been poor then rich then back to poor can have this symptom. The individual does not know when they might return to their past life of wealth. This results in the person packing as much of their former lives’ as they can in their home. This tends to affect who might have been affected during the height of the foreclosure crisis. What can be done to help people who collect items for survival?

Pack ratting is a situation that can be alleviated with the help of a professional clutter and hoarding cleanup company. Address Our Mess has experience in handling these cases and covers the entire state of North Carolina from the Atlantic to the Appalachian hinterland their expert and caring staff can help solve any severe pack rat situation.


5 Issues of Clutter Pile Up

Piles Of ClutterClutter is a serious problem when not dealt with quickly. In many cases, clutter can begin to signal the onset of a hoarding issue in a person. What are the problems of clutter pile up?  How can this result in a hoarding problem developing?

  1. No Room: One major issue is that clutter takes up valuable square footage in your home or property. In many households in the Northeastern United States, the homes are small, narrow, and high priced. Therefore, it is important for these property owners to remove clutter from their property in order maximize the usable amount of square footage.
  2. Potential Injury: Piles of clutter can be stacked so high that they can potentially collapse and injure an individual. In severe cases of clutter pile up it can potentially result in the suffocation of a person if the piles collapse on them.
  3. Decay: When piles of clutter sit in a particular area for long periods of time. An example is old piles of items that have food debris, which can start to deteriorate over time, and the natural breakdown can release bacteria that is not healthy for humans.
  4. Compulsive Shopping: Shopping is a serious problem when it comes to clutter problems. People tend to buy and buy till there is no more room in their home. Often when they buy multiples of the same item it will lead to clutter issues.
  5. Forgetfulness: When people have too much clutter in the home then it can cause an individual to forget what they have already. This is a serious problem because it encourages them to collect clutter even more by purchasing unnecessary items that they may have forgotten about over time.

These factors may result in the necessity of hiring a professional clutter cleanup firm to handle this problem. Address Our Mess is a company that handles those piles of clutter in your home. One of the primary benefits of Address Our Mess is that they can help remove and organize all types of home clutter. Afterwards, they will be able to provide a deep cleaning of the property to sanitize the entire area affected by clutter.

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Packrat Problems in Chicago

Illinois Pack Rat Cleaning

packrat-problems-chicagoIn the windy city of Chicago Illinois there are individuals who tend to gather everything that they might consider valuable.  In many cases the items that they gather are packed in their homes, and can begin to resemble a rat’s nest. This is where the term pack rat comes from. How can you tell that people are pack rats? Here are key points that can be seen in a person who is a potential pack-rat.

Packrats can have a difficult time trying to make up their mind on what items they need to remove from their home. In many cases, the logic that the pack rat has is you’re never quite sure when you are going to use that item again. An example of this can include anything from bottle cap tops to broken washing machines. The argument to them is that they can always use these products for spare parts. In the densely populated areas of Chicago, this type of logic can result in a home to fill up quickly. This build up can result in the loss of living space, which would cause the person not to invite people to visit, thus would destroy their social life.

The accumulation of items can result in the pack rat no longer wanting to meet up with friends or have family come to their property. This isn’t caused by the pack rat not wanting to socialize, but there being no room to have company over or by the embarrassment of how the clutter has overwhelmed their home. In a close knit family city like Chicago, it is important to remember to watch for these signs in family members. The packrat logic is prevalent in older relatives and should be looked out for because, they may be trying to hold onto the memories of youth.

Strong attachment to items that the packrat may have an attachment to because of childhood memories are especially prevalent in elder packrat cases. These items vary from awards they received, to the toys they have had growing up. In the Chicago Illinois’s area it could be sports items such as Chicago Bears or Cubs or White Sox memorabilia. Sports teams, many older people hold a special fondness to the teams because they shared those memories with friends and family that are no longer with them. How do you handle a pack rat that realizes what they are?

Address Our Mess can help the citizens of Chicago with the pack rats who are residents of the great city. Our specialized technicians and professional case managers can help resolve the problems of a home that is inhabited by a person who is a pack rat. We will remove the items from the home and thoroughly clean the property including the walls, floors, and ceilings. Here at Address Our Mess we take pride in our work and treat our clients with courtesy and respect.

Philadelphia Specialty Cleanup Services

Customized Specialty Cleaning Services In Philadelphia

Philadelphia-Speciality-Cleanup-ServicesIn the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area Address Our Mess is known for our excellent service quality in regards to helping our clients address their problems. There are a host of services that we help individuals deal with it. Currently we work with hoarded homes, severe cluttering, estate cleanouts, and an abandoned home servicing. We offer these services to the Philadelphia Region and Delaware Valley as the preeminent specialty cleaning services in our region. Here is an overview of services that we offer everyone from King of Prussia to Kensington to Cherry Hill and beyond.

  • Hoarding Cleaning: People in different parts of the region can deal with grief, or hardship in many ways, but one of the most extreme ways is hoarding. This can pile up in any type of home whether it is a row home in the Northeast or a Rittenhouse penthouse, hoarding is non-discriminatory towards income level, it can affect anyone. We are here to help with a thorough cleaning of the property and the removal of the items. Our experienced case manager can help guide these individuals through the process.
  • Clutter Cleaning: Between the business of work on Broad Street in Center City and soccer games in the Washington Township area sometimes life can get out of hand. This would result in clutter building up in a family’s home due to the on go lifestyle of many families in the region it is important to note that clutter can build up. This clutter can be school permissions to piles of laundry that needs to be washed. All of these scenarios Address Our Mess is trained to cover to stave off the clutter at home.
  • Estate Cleanouts: With many older residents in the Delaware Valley it is inevitable that estate cleanouts need to be done. This especially prevalent in the areas of Somerton in the city limits and the senior communities of Southern New Jersey. These estate cleanouts need to be done in order to return the home to a sellable position so the groups who are apart of the estate can divide the property up if necessary and resell the home.
  • Abandoned Home Servicing: The foreclosure left the region with a dearth of homes that were left by homeowners who walked away. Many of the homes contain possessions of the former occupants or were vandalized by vagrants. All these factors play into the necessity of returning these homes to livable condition with our excellent foreclosure services. This is not just limited to areas like Camden but to pricier areas such as Blue Bell. Our expert crews can help return homes to a livable and safe condition.

Address Our Mess one of the leaders in the specialty cleaning industries is the firm to choose in the Philadelphia region. Experienced case managers and crews that can help with any situation in a professional manner is one of the highlights in our service. We are available within a moment’s notice to handle any type of cleaning that needs done.

Servicing Cluttered Homes in New Jersey

Cluttered Homes In New Jersey

Servicing-Cluttered-Homes-in-New-JerseyIn the State of New Jersey Address Our Mess can help solve your clutter problems. Projects large and small can be handled by our expert case managers and crews in the Garden State, where we provide specialty cleaning services. Our services in New Jersey not just include clutter cleaning but heavy duty cleaning, hoarding cleanup, foreclosure cleanouts, and estate cleanup. The crews and case managers cover from the southernmost point of Cape May to the farthest north part of the state.

Many of the situations that we encounter are border line to a hoarding scenario. Whereas hoarding generally has some form of trauma or mental occurrence that caused the buildup of items, clutter situations can be caused by a different situation. Often clutter can be caused by the person lacking the time or energy to clean up the home, or their might have been a medical situation which did not allow for the individual to keep up their home to a normal standard of cleanliness. These clutter situations would also, require the use of our heavy duty cleanup services.

New Jersey Clutter Pileup

When clutter has piled up over time many areas of the home cannot be reached for an extended period of time. Therefore a thorough wiping down of all services in the home need to be done in order to bring the home back to a habitable condition. Our crews are trained to thoroughly clean all of the areas where there was clutter, and the result was that dust, dirt, and other debris have built up over time. In order to make the home livable for the person who had cluttered up the home this is a helpful process to undertake. What about older people who have cluttered and are preparing to move out to an assisted care facility.

Elderly Cleanup Help

The elderly are often times the people who need the most help with doing clutter cleaning and this is due to them being older. Often these individuals may not have the strength or energy to do the cleaning of the property themselves. Also, the clutter could have built up if they are possibly taking care of a loved one whose mental capacity has waned and therefore a burdened on the individual whom is trying to care for them. Address Our Mess can compassionately handle their needs for the cleaning of their homes.

Address Our Mess can handle the entirety of New Jersey, and handle many of the clutter problems that the citizens of this state has. When you think of clutter Address Our Mess can help with more than just that, our crews will be friendly and understanding of a whole host of situations. With their professionalism they are some of the best trained crews in the specialty cleaning industry.

What we offer in our New Jersey Cleanup Services:

  • Friendly Clutter Cleaning Crews
  • New Jersey Local Office and Staff
  • Certified and Trained Technicians
  • Insured and Bonded Company
  • Compassionate and Judgement Free Cleaning


Clutter Cleanup New York

New York Clutter Cleaning Company

New York City Clutter CleanupIn the city of the New York there is a significant problem in regards to clutter. The five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx all having varying problems in the way that their residents deal with clutter and heavy duty cleaning. Because of the density of the population and the different demographics in the boroughs each situation is a little bit different from the last one. The first borough that needs to be reviewed is the borough of Manhattan.

Being the borough that is most identifiable with New York City it represents a significant amount of clutter and certain peculiarities. The typical Manhattan apartment is smaller than comparable apartments found in the rest of the country, however the average Manhattan apartment is significantly more expensive. As a result clutter can build up at a more rapid pace and with space being at a premium, the amount of items need to be removed more quickly. Also, with the limited amount of time that these denizens of this borough have they also, will need help in doing a heavy duty cleaning of their home. However, their fellow New Yorkers in nearby Brooklyn have a different take on clutter.

Brooklyn has recently undergone a resurgence in what can be seen as a renaissance for this formerly overlooked borough. However, with this influx of people and money there has come clutter. Many of the people in this area, are moving from large suburban homes to renovated brownstones, but yet they want to keep many of their wares from their larger properties. This lack of willingness to simplify their lives a more condensed urban lifestyle can result in the creation of clutter. With many of these people moving from the outer boroughs and Long Island’s larger homes this ties in with the southernmost borough of Staten Island.

Staten Island up until 50 years ago was a fairly pastoral area with farms and livestock. This all changed with the building of the Verrazano Bridge and the building of many suburban homes on this island. With many New Yorkers looking for the suburban dream they left to these new developments of single family homes. Now that many of these individuals are older and are passing away their homes are being passed onto their children. As a result the necessity of estate cleanouts are more apparent than ever in this area of the city. This service helps many families remove, organize, and de clutter the home in order to make it ready for re sale to a new family. Many of these new families are possibly coming from the cramped tenements of the Bronx.

The Bronx the northernmost borough of New York is covered by high rise tenements with many families living in them one floor above another. However, there are people in this buildings who have no families and who may have suffered a traumatic loss. This trauma may result in their clutter building up to a point of a near hoarder like situations. When an issue like this occurs Address Our Mess can have crews at the apartment building within 24-48 hours to help alleviate the clutter and conduct a heavy duty cleaning of the property. This is concurrent with similar problems in Queens.

Queens shares characteristics with the four prior boroughs in regards to its landscape. The part closest to Manhattan is full of high rises and to the farther east it resembles suburban Staten Island. Therefore this area has the most diversity when it comes to clutter cleanup from estate cleaning to hoarding situations this borough has it all. One of the other areas that need to be looked at is foreclosure cleanup in this borough. During the financial crisis this hit the outer areas of Queens particularly hard, but now with the economic resurgence, Address Our Mess can help return those homes to livable condition.

The five boroughs of New York City all offer a unique set of challenges for a company. Address Our Mess was founded on the basis of confronting many of these challenges. With our highly trained crews and case manager we can take on any type of severe clutter or heavy duty cleaning situation in the greater New York City area. We have the staff and crew that can service the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.

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