Hoarding Intervention for Hoarders

Intervention To Help Hoarders

Hoarding InterventionHoarding can take over a person’s life even when family and friends least expect it. While the hoarding condition is a compulsive mental disorder that gets worse over time, it is often later on in the process when friends and relatives become familiar with debilitating situation of their loved one. Interventions for hoarding are often needed in order to address and rectify the potentially dangerous environment that the hoarder has subjected himself or herself to. Hoarding cleaning, as well as other proven hoarding treatments, are readily available to loved ones looking to set up interventions for hoarding.

Hoarding interventions must be handled delicately in order to prove to the hoarder that you are worthy of their trust. Building a bond of absolute trust during the hoarding intervention process is the key to a successful recovery effort. Whether the hoarder is dealing with minor hoarding situations, or more dangerous conditions like the ones displayed in animal hoarding situations, interventions must be extremely subtle, private, and respectful.

Unlike popular reality television shows that display interventions as awkward, confrontational, and demeaning acts of “tough love,” interventions of hoarding must be carried out much differently. Hoarders are typically embarrassed by their living conditions, often going out of their way to hide their lifestyle from their closest of friends and family. To avoid lectures about deep clutter cleaning and life-altering treatment plans, hoarders will often distance themselves from siblings, parents, children, friends, and co-workers. Should a loved one find that someone important in their life is suffering from hoarding, interventions must be conducted in an extremely private and respectful manner.

Privacy is key to developing successful hoarding treatment options. Hoarding specialists and case managers from Address Our Mess understand the discrete element of hoarding cleaning. By allowing hoarders to trust in their friends and family again, while opening up about the traumatic event that probably caused their condition, those conducting interventions for hoarding will have a better chance of helping their loved one recover.

It is also important to never pass judgment or lose one’s temper with a hoarder. Remember, the hoarder has chosen to risk embarrassment and humility by sharing his or her condition with someone. Keeping the bond of trust in tact is crucial to changing the hoarder’s life for the better. Patience and fortitude are necessary to keep the hoarder on track and focused. While those conducting the intervention may have just uncovered this horrible way of life, the hoarder has lived it for many years. Changing bad habits and living conditions over night is not going to happen.

In time, hoarding therapists can be called upon to further address the root of the hoarding condition in a friend or relative. However, allowing the person to start anew in a clean and sanitary home is the key to affording them the fresh start he or she so desperately needs.

For more information on hoarding cleaning services, please call us at the telephone number listed above or contact us online. Hoarding intervention should be taken seriously and all requests by the hoarder should be handled with care and compassion. When needing hoarders cleaning services, please remember Address Our Mess.

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