Hoarding and the Law

Hoarding Law And Help With Hoarding Evictions

Hoarding-Law_edited-1Many people are curious on why do these situations occur with hoarding. Are there not laws to stop these situations and protect the welfare of the individual and the property? When you think about the situation that the United States is in unique in that individual property rights are highly valued and protected. That is why often time’s places such as single family homes are the primary areas of hoarding incidents.

In the United States property rights are enshrined in the constitution and in many of the states these are so protected that not even civil services can enter ones property without permission. This is problematic when dealing in a hoarding situation, because of the danger this situation might pose if emergency personnel need to get in case there is a fire or medical personnel need to get to a victim in a hoarding house.

There are states though that allow the physical condemnation of the property if it is becoming a hazard to their neighbors, or the possible endangerment of other living creatures. Another example of this could be a hoarding paper row home in Philadelphia, whereby faulty electrics in that house could result in hundreds of people possibly becoming homeless. Or in the case of animal hoarding whereby there are other living creatures that are being endangered by the hoarder’s actions. In these types of situation endangerment can cause the rights of the individual.

Hoarding and the law is a very difficult situation to broach in regards to what people or governments can do about a hoarding situation. However, if there is a call to action that needs to be taken care of Address Our Mess is here to help. Our specialized and trained crews can help remediate and solve most any hoarding situation. Also, we are compassionate towards the individual whom is suffering the hoarding trauma. All of this adds into making Address Our Mess a compassionate company to help those who might need help.

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