Hoarding Cleanup in Chicago

hoarding chicagoLooking for help to handle hoarding cleanup in the windy city of Chicago? Address Our Mess is helping resolve the hoarding problems in the United States’ third biggest city. Their top notch case managers can help relieve the clutter and hoarding issues in this great city. What can this clutter be composed of and how might it affect the residents of Chicago?

The people of Chicago tend to love sports, especially baseball and football. Their love of the baseball teams the Cubs and White Sox and football’s Chicago Bears runs deep. This results in many of Chicago citizens collecting sports memorabilia to remind them of the good and bad they have had with each team. These collections of sports memorabilia can turn into a hoarding problem if it starts to clutter up all the rooms of the home and impair room functionality. Many of these items can be attributed to sentimental hoarding.  People find comfort in their memories and sports memories can be appealing for those who are feeling a sense of loss. Hoarding can pose a serious danger in an urban environment.

The urban environment of Chicago lends itself to be problematic for hoarders and the residents of their buildings. Hoarder residences can quickly pile up stuff in their property due to the limited spaces available in an urban environment. In many cases nearby residents of the hoarders can be affected by a hoarder’s lifestyle. The piles of clutter can cause serious health and safety risks. Biodegradable piles can cause a bio-hazardous situation to develop, and vermin or pests can also build nests in the clutter and spread to other people’s homes. Another serious concern in Chicago is animal hoarding.

Animal hoarding in Chicago can be a very dangerous situation. The hoarder may not realize it, but they are harming the animals more so than helping them. In reality the animals are not being fed, cleaned properly, or able to live an active life. The animals are often unable to leave the property, which causes animal waste to build up.  This can result in bio-hazard conditions developing in an urban environment.  What can be done to alleviate all the problems of a hoarding situation in Chicago?

Address Our Mess is here to help Chicago with hoarding and clutter problems. Address Our Mess’s compassionate case managers and technicians can assist in resolving the hoarding problems in their property with our hoarding cleanup service. They will thoroughly organize, remove items from the home, and deep clean the property. Chicago is one of the great cities of our country, and Address Our Mess plans to help clean up and organize the  hoarding problems in Illinois.


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