Hoarded Retail Space

retail hoardingRetail space is generally not a type of property that a person would find a hoarding situation. Most hoarding cases occur at the home of an individual who has been dealing with the problem in private. In more extreme cases, hoarding can start to affect the person’s workplace, which can include retail space. One of the greatest potential problems of hoarding is that it can start to affect their work environment. Therefore a hoarding situation needs to be under control as quickly as possible. How can an individual foretell a retail hoarding situation is going to develop?

The hoarding situation can be determined based on what type of store it is supposed to be and what items are actually in the shop itself. For example, a drugstore that has more sundries than medical supplies in it, which may include random junk, piles of old magazines, and old newspapers in the aisles that can pile up quickly. This can be precipitated by the person being too busy with other aspects of the business. However, the pricing of goods can sometimes contribute in the creation of a hoarding problems in a retail space.

The unreasonable pricing of products can show in some cases that the store owner or proprietor is not willing to sell the items. The owner might have a fixation on a particular item that they see as more valuable than all of the rest. The hoarder may then unreasonably price these “valuable” items such as soap, toys, or any number of different items. These items can sit on the shelf for years, and this can build up grime and dust over time.

Dust and dirt are other detriments of a hoarding problem which can develop in a store. Grime can turn away customers and potentially result in the destruction of the shop’s customer base. This and other problems can produce an unhealthy working environment for the employees, which can lead to the potential closure of the business. Grime and dust are something that people obsess over when it comes to their shopping experience, which is why this can be a potential problem. What can a person who has a retailing hoarding situation do?

An individual in a retail hoarding situation can call Address Our Mess to help resolve the clutter, junk, and grime issues that plague their store. With specialized technicians and case managers, they can assist in resolving the hoarding problems. It can be a relief to the families of hoarders that there is a company out there that is willing to help their loved one recover.


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