Helping Hoarders in Minnesota

Minnesota Hoarding Help and Information

Minnesota HoardingUntil recently, Minnesotans suffering from symptoms of the compulsive mental condition known as hoarding have had limited resources to depend upon for help. Thanks to Address Our Mess’ recent expansion into Minnesota, residents of the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” now have a dependable source to turn to in regards to hoarding and clutter cleanup.

Hoarding can be an oppressive and overwhelming condition to live with. Most hoarders suffer with extreme bouts of embarrassment about their living conditions, often distancing themselves from friends and loved ones. This social anxiety can cause a variety of dangers that can affect a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. These dangerous impacts of hoarding can be avoided with professional hoarding cleaning services.

Minnesota hoarders suffer from a variety of types of hoarding. From compulsive shopping to papers, mail, rotted food, boxes, clothing, toys, and garbage, each type of hoarding has a unique set of dangers associated with it. Fire hazards, allergen risks, and the spread of viral and bacterial pathogens can put a person or family in extreme danger. Professional hoarding cleanup service providers like Address Our Mess are equipped to handle dire circumstances.

Each type also has various levels of hoarding associated with it. From mild to extreme to life-threatening, these risks must be addressed by Minnesota hoarders in order to avoid illness, injury, or even death. Cases of Minnesota hoarders found deceased in their hoarded homes has risen over the last several years. Some cases involve deadly fires. Others occur when mounds of clutter fall on top of the hoarder, either injuring them or depriving them of air.

Animal hoarding cases in Minnesota can also be handled by Address Our Mess technicians. By keeping every hoarding situation private and discrete, pet owners can rest easy knowing that their beloved animals will be able to return to a safe and sanitary environment. Address Our Mess uses sophisticated techniques to deep clean areas containing animal feces, urine, vomit, and dander. If an affected area cannot be cleaned, Address Our Mess can also perform minor repairs in order to remove overly stained or saturated areas.

With locations throughout Minnesota, Address Our Mess can provide the entire state with hoarding and clutter cleaning service. Backed by over twenty years of experience and expertise in the restoration industry, Address Our Mess provides a unique cleaning service for Hoarders Cleanup Minnesota.

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