Helping Firefighters work with Hoarders

Impacts Of Hoarders On Firefighters

Hoarding Fire CleanupA fire is one of the most traumatic events that can happen in a person’s life and a travesty to many people who might lose loved ones in a fire. Firefighters can sometimes fall victims to these blazes as well, when attempting to save the people and the remaining parts of the property. In many cases there are underlying causes to the property burning down and in some areas of Maryland and elsewhere it can be caused by a hoarding situation. Hoarding scenarios can cause a significant amount of problems in regards to dealing with fires.

Hoarding can cause fires to occur because sometimes the items that are gathered can be highly flammable. When the home is not being well-kept it can cause the electrical and gas lines to deteriorate to a point where it could present a serious problem. All this adds up into a potential powder keg that could create a fire hazard. This problem can be even more severe in an apartment hoarding situation in a densely populated city such as Baltimore, where it can endanger more than the just the hoarder. There are other potential dangers that the firefighters might encounter when entering the home.

Firefighters Helping HoardersIn severe hoarding cases, the piles of items can present collapsing hazards, and pathways represent canyons in between them. When looking to get the hoarder out of the home, it represents a significant problem because if the hoarder is unconscious the pathways are not wide enough in many cases for a person to be carried down. However there are other perils that need to be taken on as well in a hoarding fire situation which are:

  • Explosions and toxic fumes may result from different types of items that the hoarder might have in the home. These can range from plastics, feces, or other toxic materials that a person might hold onto for one reason or another.
  • There are other problems that can be presented by the overall clutter in the home such as a lack of easy exits. In many severe hoarding situations there is only one way into and out of a home. The resulting situations would create a problem since there would be no quick exit for the firefighters in case of an emergency.

How can you as a firefighter, protect yourself and the person you are trying to save?

Address Our Mess can help you with problems you may come against in a hoarder’s home. If you hear or see a home that needs help from a qualified specialty hoarding cleaning company, than give us a call. Our crews and technicians are experienced individuals whom can help a homeowner return their property to a livable and safe condition.

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