Growing Competition in the Hoarding Industry

Hoarding Industry Competition – Virginia Help

Hoarding IndustryThe hoarding industry is a relatively new field of service that has recently grown in popularity as more and more people become aware of the hoarding disorder. Once, people have realized that hoarding can be prevented and treated for the mental aspects of the disorder the next major concern is what do with the clutter? The industry itself is comprised of various large, medium and small firms that are vying in the highly competitive market in Virginia. Also, you need to know that each one has varying degrees of service that differentiate themselves from the rest.

Smaller companies in Virginia that work in the hoarding industry can offer a lower price, but not the same standards of service. In many cases these are family run organizations that have become involved in order to make extra money, or diversify themselves from other business ventures such as junk removal. These companies tend to operate under the radar, and can offer a reduced pricing structure, but it comes at a cost of service. Hoarding clean up requires specialized training in order to detail with the fragility of the hoarders’ psyche. They care deeply about the items that are being disposed, and prefer them not to be hurled into the back of a dump truck. Larger companies are better adept at handling hoarding situations.

Larger hoarding cleanup companies tend to have the skills and expertise in order handle the various parts of the hoarding cleanup process. Their crews and case managers are trained in what can be defined as “compassionate cleanup”, which shows that they care about the hoarder and their items. However, the pricing is a bit higher than the smaller companies, it is caused generally by the cost of training, the insurances that are necessary, and the cost of proper disposal. Each company though in this group are a little bit different from Address Our Mess to Service Master. The companies that are participating in this field from pricing to how skilled their services are.

Address Our Mess prides itself on giving the best service possible to its clients in the state of Virginia and all of our service locations. The company offers a full service cleaning of the property from removing the clutter to wiping down the entirety of the home in order to return it to a livable condition. The benefits of this process are remarkable, because it gives the person who was a hoarder, the peace in their mind that they can return to a livable home. That is the main priority in a hoarding cleanup to satisfy the consumer and make sure that they are treated in a respectful manner.

The problems of a highly competitive environment for hoarding is that many companies are willing to discount the quality of their service in order to secure the business. There are certain standards that need be upheld when dealing with these particular customers, which needs to be handled by a company that specializes specifically in hoarding cleanup.  There is a need for this type of service, but a firm needs to be trained to handle these type of situations.

Please consider Address Our Mess when deciding on a clutter or hoarding cleanup service.

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