Family Sensitivity Towards a Hoarder

Hoarding is a sensitive topic for many individuals and is not often brought up in many situations. Hoarding situations may be pressing problems that need to be addressed by family members, who often have difficulty comprehending the matter. When addressing a hoarding situation, it is often advisable for families to seek professional help to assist with the circumstances, and there are therapists out there that want to specifically help individuals who are hoarding. When researching licensed therapists, it is important to check if they can help the family member with his/her hoarding behavior.

Many times individuals who are hoarding may be self-conscious of the situation and do not want their family to interfere with their lives. This sense of isolation can create more problems, even if the family is trying to be helpful. Sensitivity and careful consideration are necessary factors in order to efficiently address a hoarding situation. Exercise patience and avoid negatively commenting on the various items. If you mention the conditions of the hoarding home, you need to be sensitive about how you word or phrase the situation. When looking at the nature of the situation one has to be delicate and conscious about phrasing the conversation in a proper, inoffensive manner.

When addressing a hoarding family member, remember the following:

  • Always be sensitive to their feelings and emotional well being.
  • Offer to help, rather than force your help upon them. Imposing your involvement will scare or anger them and can actually cause the person to close up even further.
  • Work with the individual. Do not attempt to clean up the situation without the involvement of the individual who is hoarding.
  • Offer sources of additional help to efficiently aid in improving the hoarding situation.

Helping a hoarder is a sensitive topic and should be taken seriously. Be aware that the items involved have value to the hoarder; they are not considered junk. If the situation requires the assistance of a cleaning company to effectively help with the cleanup situation please consider Address Our Mess Cleaning.

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