About Us

 About Address Our Mess Cleaning Company

about-cleaning-companyAddress Our Mess was established to create help for a hoarder and hoarding cleanup situations. Our team has specialized training to deal with the stress and anxiety of hoarders and the certifications to clean up after a hoarding situation. Sometimes there are unknowns such as biohazard materials, feces, dead rodents and other special situations which have strict disposal requirements. Address Our Mess has the certifications and training to handle these projects. Helping hoarders is our main source of business and we take pride in completing the job correctly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Having served severe cleaning projects and heavy duty house cleaning since 1989, the company has specialized in hoarding cleanup recently to make sure hoarders obtain the special care and consideration that is required during a project. Making sure items are organized and items of no value to the hoarder are donated or thrown away. Address Our Mess has expanded rapidly due to the ability to take care of our customers and provide a superior service to our clients. You don’t have to worry about being on a television show or being mentioned on social media. Many clients are very private and ones whom are proud of the work we completed allow us to post testimonials of their satisfaction found on our cleaning testimonials page.

Trust in us because we have the skills and experience along with the staff who takes great pride in the work being completed. Josh Rafter and Jeffrey Cohn helped to start this company because they saw a lack of caring in the jobs being completed. When a franchise or other company which doesn’t specialize in dealing with the emotional aspect or does clutter cleaning as a side project may not put the full effort into a hoarding or clutter clean up project.

About Us – The Staff

Our team is certified and has been dealing with hoarder situations and trained the associates to make sure they have the proper skills and knowledge to complete the particular project at hand. They have dealt with biohazard situations, feces removal, extreme animal hoarding, heavy duty hauling and other specialty cleaning services. Our team is not just junk haulers but we care about the individual whom we are assisting and take pride in making sure we help and cater to that job.