5 Issues of Clutter Pile Up

Piles Of ClutterClutter is a serious problem when not dealt with quickly. In many cases, clutter can begin to signal the onset of a hoarding issue in a person. What are the problems of clutter pile up?  How can this result in a hoarding problem developing?

  1. No Room: One major issue is that clutter takes up valuable square footage in your home or property. In many households in the Northeastern United States, the homes are small, narrow, and high priced. Therefore, it is important for these property owners to remove clutter from their property in order maximize the usable amount of square footage.
  2. Potential Injury: Piles of clutter can be stacked so high that they can potentially collapse and injure an individual. In severe cases of clutter pile up it can potentially result in the suffocation of a person if the piles collapse on them.
  3. Decay: When piles of clutter sit in a particular area for long periods of time. An example is old piles of items that have food debris, which can start to deteriorate over time, and the natural breakdown can release bacteria that is not healthy for humans.
  4. Compulsive Shopping: Shopping is a serious problem when it comes to clutter problems. People tend to buy and buy till there is no more room in their home. Often when they buy multiples of the same item it will lead to clutter issues.
  5. Forgetfulness: When people have too much clutter in the home then it can cause an individual to forget what they have already. This is a serious problem because it encourages them to collect clutter even more by purchasing unnecessary items that they may have forgotten about over time.

These factors may result in the necessity of hiring a professional clutter cleanup firm to handle this problem. Address Our Mess is a company that handles those piles of clutter in your home. One of the primary benefits of Address Our Mess is that they can help remove and organize all types of home clutter. Afterwards, they will be able to provide a deep cleaning of the property to sanitize the entire area affected by clutter.

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